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Lullaby - A Collection of Poems & Stories Launched -ISBN - 978-1-257-90871-4 & The Philosophy of Governaance - A Text Book for University Students-Launched-ISBN-978-0-557-03670-7



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Lullaby- A Collection of Poems & Stories Launched

If anyone wants to read romantic poems and stories that touch the depth of one's heart, waking up the hidden emotions, here is your chance. Renowned writer V Bright Saigal’s Lullaby – A Collection of Poems & Stories (ISBN - 978-1-257-90871-4) has been launched at a gala party in Los Angles.

“This is an exciting moment in my life” the author said.

Though many poems of his had been launched in 2010, this is the first time a collection of more than 30 poems and a few short stories launched in the market. the waiting is over but the celebration of book reading is still on.  The readers began commenting on the poems that inspire every heart to love and love again. A dish and festoon for soul mates of today.

"What a fascinating voice in every poem." one fan commented after reading. Every poem is an outstanding piece the readers will relish in the real dish of deep and honest love, which is what Lullaby- A Collection of Poems and Stories all about. The poems have got a soul of love and affection and weep of lovers after departure from their soul mate. A great book to be read...for both the poem lovers and others. It is also a good handbook for travelers.

The book is full of emotion that is etched live like a painting on a vast canvass of love in glittering colors of real beauty.  "Love is pure.  It should be treated with its sanctity and modesty  rather than today's mechanical and aggressive approach to a passionate lover" the author added.

The time has changed but the soul and the heart of everyone still looking for great piece of love poems to re-read; that is what Lullaby-A Collection of Poems and Stories is about.

This is an outstanding collection of poems and stories that tells the pains of every heart from departure of its soul mate. Love is pure and untarnished. Its sanctity is ultimate like life. Without love, life is a bare arena. That is what the author concluded with the collection of his poems and stories. Life is incomplete without love and ones' soul mate is the real one who bleeds in the other one's departure. That pain cannot be explained but it is much deeper than an ocean- Love is perennial in the Book Lullaby – A Collection of Poems & Stories.

Lullaby -A Collection of Poems & Stories

About the Author:

V Bright Saigal, an India born American writer, was the eldest son of labor class parents who had no formal education.  He had to work hard to earn money for books. His mother used to stitch his old clothes to extend their life, still, the patches of  poverty found him on every corner of his life. Two months of school vacation was a break, to generate funds for the new academic year. Single pair of dress supported him during two years of intermediate. Five rupees per day part time job fed him. His hands unloaded thousands of cement bags. Determination made him a monolith. Public libraries made him a graduate. He had to sleep many days in cold winter. Still, he came out of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Asia's best in its kind. At present, he is working as a Creative-Consultant. In India he has not received any recognition or opportunities but in the West he was adored as a Poet and his stories have received immense ovation from different regions. It was Barbara Watkins, an America novelist, who had noted his talent and encouraged him to write. Followed by, Dr. Zachary Oliver an American editor, who had selected some of his Poems and published them in an Anthology, First Breathe.


Lullaby A Collection of Poems &Stories

ISBN - 978-1-257-90871-4

Available on Amazon dot Com -